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Brodeur: Ever the Flyers Buzzkill

Monday, March 2, 2009

Watching the Flyers during yesterday’s tilt at the Rock, it struck me that the game was practically a replay of every Flyers-Devils game I watched during the mid- to late-90s. Swap a few players out for Daneyko, Stevens, Niedermayer, LeClair, Lindros, and Dejardins, and you’d have yourself an Atlantic Division classic.

Just as in the old days, the Devils scored first and shut it down. Just as in the old days, Brodeur made himself as impenetrable as ever. Just as in the old days, an extremely talented Flyers offense couldn’t discovered a chink in the armor.


Martin Brodeur earned yet another milestone against the Orange and Black. He achieved his 100th career shutout with his victory over the Flyers on Sunday.

Two seasons ago, Brodeur broke Bernie Parent’s record for victories within a single season. What team was he playing? The Flyers. In the Wachovia Center. I was at the building that night, and I remember watching fans slowly depart from the stadium with facial expressions blending disgust, resignation, and disappointment. It was bad enough that the Flyers had the worst season in franchise history; did we really have to watch Brodeur rub his sheer awesomeness and extended domination of the crease in our faces?

Would it be wrong to hope that Lou Lamouriello keels over, ending the Devils strangle-hold over the Flyers?

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  1. John permalink
    Monday, March 2, 2009 8:01 pm

    Lucky me, the Avs-Islanders game is the only one on the slate tonight. Looks like the entire NHL-watching community will get to see if Colorado can somehow manage to beat the mighty Isles..

  2. John permalink
    Monday, March 2, 2009 10:22 pm

    Can things get any worse?! Let’s see, I think I can count on one hand the number of players who seemed to be giving 100% effort the entire game. Smyth {Side Note: Tonight erased any doubts about trading him, I want him to stay a member of the Avalanche} Liles, and perhaps Stastny. The defense was more standing around waiting for the Islanders to make a play than actually defending. I think they lost a little gusto when Salei and Clark went down on back-to-back shot blocks. Luckily both should be okay, but still, that’s not much of an excuse.. The offense seemed to be a tiny bit more lively, but not by much. By the time they started playing with any real intensity, it was 4-2 with 6-7 minutes left. And then there was Raycroft. He was okay to an extent, but seemed to be slow registering where the puck was/was going.

    • John permalink
      Monday, March 2, 2009 10:27 pm

      And I hate to say it, but I seem to have become numb to losing. Sometime during the third, shortly after it became 4-2, I realized that we were on the verge of losing to the worst team in the NHL, and yet I wasn’t disappointed, upset, or angry. Almost like it was inevitable and I might as well just get used to it and stop wasting energy cursing out Granato while the Playoffs get farther and farther out of reach. Just for that feeling, I think I officially loathe him now..

  3. Tuesday, March 3, 2009 7:35 am

    I was surprised at the compete level I saw out of the Avalanche. From the Flyers-Avs games I had seen earlier in the season, I remember feeling that the Avs were one of those hard-nosed, hard-working teams. They drove the net and won board battles. I don’t know what happened to that group, or I just imagined them.

    So, since the Avs pretty much decided to be sellers last night, do you think they should make any moves to improve the team?

  4. John permalink
    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 1:35 pm

    No, I don’t think you were imagining anything. They seem to have given up on the season sometime between then and now. I’m sure the Stastny injury affected their play, but he’s back now, and they should be showing a little more heart on the ice.. As for trades, I’m still thinking on that one. If we do make trades, we have to make sure that those deals focus on brining in youth, or draft picks if that’s the case. The bulk of the squad, especially the defense is getting up there in years. We have some young talent, but a lot of those players are on offense {i.e. Stastny, Wolski, Svatos} so I’d like to see us focus on getting younger on the back end.

    Oh, and there’s that little issue of having no reliable goalies. I mentioned Lehtonen, but I’d rather us wait until the off-season and try to give him a contract offer then. No sense giving up valuable assets if we’re going to risk losing him to Free Agency anyway. I’d love to keep both Ryan Smyth and Milan Hejduk, but I’m not convinced that’ll actually happen. Liles is the only D-man who I think I’d put the “Untouchable” tag on, everyone else can be shipped off as far as I’m concerned {Bet you we wouldn’t get a freaking first-rounder for Foote if we traded him!}.
    Budaj, well I think you know what I think of him already. Raycroft could still be a pretty decent option as the #2 guy, so I’d vote to keep him. I’ve been envisioning/dreaming of having Steve Mason in Colorado, but I doubt Columbus is willing to part with him. 🙂


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