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Why the Flyers’ retro jerseys feature white nameplates

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Between the conversations of friends and various message boards around the internet, I’ve noticed a little confusion regarding the white nameplates on the Flyers’ third jerseys. Allow me to clarify the situation:

flyers-orange-jerseyIn the world before hockey games were regularly broadcast on television, teams only wore nameplates in their home barns during the regular season. Teams across the league wore home whites, so everyone wore white nameplates.

When the Flyers made the playoffs in the early ’70s, the games were televised. That meant both the home and road teams needed to wear nameplates for every game – partially to help out the broadcasters. The Flyers didn’t have any orange nameplates lying around to attach to their road jerseys, so they just used the white ones they had.

For a more complete history of Flyers’ jerseys, check out


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