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The NHL All-Star Ballot

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

77331467CP245_2008_56th_NHLWhy is the NHL announcing the All-Star Game ballot in the first week of November? These teams have barely played one-eighth of their games. How do we know who deserves to participate in the All-Star Game this early in the season?

And let’s take a look at that ballot. There are 10 goaltenders listed for the Eastern Conference: Martin Biron (PHI), Martin Brodeur (NJD), Rick DiPietro (NYI), Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT), Kari Lehtonen (ATL), Henrik Lundqvist (NYR), Ryan Miller (BUF), Carey Price (MON), Vesa Toskala (TOR), and Tomas Vokoun (FLA). I love Philly, but is Biron really all-star quality on a regular basis? And Lehtonen? Are you kidding?

Polite regards to Tim Thomas (BOS), Jose Theodore (WAS), Cam Ward (CAR), Mike Smith/Olie Kolzig (TBL) and Martin Gerber/Alex Auld (OTT). You all stunk up the joint just a little too much for Gary Bettman’s comfort. The way he’s playing, Tim Thomas at least deserves a write-in campaign.

As for the forwards, there are so many it’s hard to overlook anyone. I did notice that Buffalo was represented by Tomas Vanek and Derek Roy. Vanek is an obvious selection; no one has been hotter to start the season. But Derek Roy? How do you not include Jason Pominville, who puts up more points and has greater leadship skills? Ridiculous.

I don’t get to see much of the West, so I can’t go into much depth there. I do know, however, that Alexander Frolov contributes far more to his team than Dustin Brown. 

And on a team that thrives on its youth, how is it that the Coyotes are represented by Jokinen, Doan and Bryzgalov? Get Peter Mueller in there!

And while we’re including every goaltender who ever lived, they couldn’t find a little room for Dan Ellis? I mean, if the nominations are based on last year’s play, then Ellis deserves to join the fray. He stood on his head to threaten the Stanley Cup winners during the first round of the playoffs.

I’ll wait to post my All-Star roster until December. Until then, voting starts November 12th. So be sure to get out there and elect the representatives from the Philadelphia Flyers:

Martin Biron, Goaltending
Kimmo Timonen, Defense
Daniel Briere, Forward
Simon Gagne, Forward
Mike Richards, Forward

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  1. John permalink
    Tuesday, November 4, 2008 8:53 pm

    You want to know why? Because sports All-Star games are a joke. MLB’s is the biggest joke because it actually has an impact on the freaking World Series.

    But no checks, no fights, no penalties. It’s not hockey, it’s a glorified shootout. If there was no shootout at the end of overtime I wouldn’t mind it. But I don’t particularly feel like watching Staal {Penguins edition} sit on the blue line all game again waiting for a long pass when I can easily view him doing the same basic thing if the Pens go to a shootout.

    In my opinion the fans should have complete say on who goes since it’s all for the fans anyway. The NHL shouldn’t “nominate” players… The fans should just pick whoever they want to go, most votes wins!

    And for the record, the NFL’s version sucks too. Guys like Fred Taylor are continually snubbed while undeserving guys get in. It’s a farce, but hey, who am I to ruin people’s fun?

  2. Friday, November 14, 2008 4:47 pm

    John, your idea with no nominees is the right one. Hands down it really is. As it is now they steer things in a direction they themselves find fitting, where that is is obviously hard to imagine.
    I also think that you should only be able to vote one time from a single computer every day, i understand that there is no way to keep people from voting multiple times but that is a good compromise.

  3. Friday, November 28, 2008 9:35 pm

    I think Thomas Vanek deserves a lot more recognition than he gets.He has a lot less votes than many people who dont even deserve to be candidates.Hes leading the NHL in goals (15) and still is about 8th on the list.VOTE FOR THOMAS VANEK!!!!!!

  4. Friday, November 28, 2008 11:43 pm

    I agree that Thomas Vanek should be getting major coverage for his accomplishments this season. He finally figured out how to play with a $10 million a year contract hanging over his head, and Buffalo reaped the benefits early in the year.

    But keep in mind that Vanek is currently sitting at 10th overall in the voting. It’s not like he won’t make the team. And now that the NHL finally figured out that they live in the 21st century and need to bot-proof their ballots, I doubt anyone will catch the Candiens contingent.

    I might also point out that Jeff Carter currently leads the league with 16 goals. He only has about 5,000 votes and may not even rate selection to the roster.

    Here’s a solution: I’ll vote for Vanek, and you write-in Jeff Carter.


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