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Philly Phanatic!!! It’s parade day, everyone!

Friday, October 31, 2008
Sign hanging outside City Hall at Broad Street

Sign hanging outside City Hall at Broad Street

If you want the definition of insanity, Broad Street is it. After spending two hours on the train – more than twice my normal commute – and battling through the crowds in Suburban Station, I emerged to find the packed sidewalks surrounding City Hall roaring with elation. That was around 9AM. 

It’s now a little after 10, and the streets are impassable. I work on the 16th floor of a building on Broad and Spruce, and you can hear the constant screaming of the fans. The sea of red and white stretches the whole way up to City Hall and down as far as you can see. Each car that manages to squeak by honks its horn repeatedly, drawing even larger swells of joy from the crowds.

They are hanging out of windows, off of balconies, and gathering on rooftops. People are leaning out the sides of the parking garages.

I have never seen a mass of people more energized in my entire life.

Then again, never could there be a more deserving city than Philadelphia today. Celebrate and be merry, Phanatics everywhere!

Phillies fans on Broad Street, 11AM

Phillies fans on Broad Street, 11AM

UPDATE 11:35am – A streaker was just arrested outside our office. Sorry folks, no pictures of that one.
You cannot imagine the sheer amount of noise generated by the crowds when the Philadelphia Phillies passed by. The glass on the building where I work literally reverberated from the sound. As corny as it sounds, the ground swell from the happy murmur of the crowd up to a concentrated roar gave me chills.
According to the talking heads on TV yesterday, there were two million people gathered on Broad Street. I don’t know whether that’s accurate. But it was certainly the largest assemblage I have ever experienced, and I will never forget it.
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  1. Monday, November 3, 2008 12:55 am

    I think if I worked in the city, I would have used this as an excuse not to make it in! I wondered how people who actually had to work in the city fared during the parade, and now I know!

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