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Flyer Quotes for the off-day

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I’m not one to encourage regular readership of the Inquirer and the Daily News, particularly since they have parted ways with Tim Panaccio. (Who’s now writing for, for all interested parties.)  But both Sam Cachidi (Inquirer) and Ed Moran (Daily News) rounded up some nice quotes from the Flyers. Allow me to highlight the good parts.

It just seems like it’s point night when teams come in our building the way we’re playing right now because it’s so easy around our net. We better get back to fundamental defense. It’s the one-on-one battles down low and protecting the net. They’re scoring goals 2 feet from the crease. We’ve got to do a better job tying up sticks and being hard on guys. – Scott Hartnell

Who knew Scott Hartnell could be so eloquent?  I feel no need to elaborate because he sums it up perfectly.  Perhaps there’s a future in journalism here . . .

We just have not had any success in the shootout for whatever reason. John Stevens

Might I suggest you slowly turn your heads towards the Flyers’ net.  Check to see who is there.  Then look north towards the banners.  See that banner with the #1 on it?  Compare that guy to whoever is in net.  Answer found.

You can’t point your finger at anyone; it’s forwards, defense, our goalies, everyone. It’s all our jobs to get better. And the first thing that comes to mind is penalties. We’re taking more penalties than other teams [almost] every night, and that’s kind of a product of playing in your own end too much Joffrey Lupul

We got the one point. Danny scored a huge goal for us and now we shift the focus to New Jersey.  That’s a team we have historically struggled with so maybe that’s what we need. They’re maybe that team that can get everyone together and pull out of this. – Joffrey Lupul

That’s it.  Anoint Joffrey Lupul team philosopher, coach, and positive thinker.  And he can score goals.  So when he ascends to the next level and becomes Dalai Lama, perhaps he can influence the universe to bring the Stanley Cup back to Broad Street.

Okay, all sarcasm aside, the players really do have their fingers on the pulse of this team.  Unfortunately, it’s not a question of knowing intellectually what needs to happen on the ice.  It’s a matter of actually putting those thoughts into action.

So that means we all shift our focus to New Jersey . . .

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