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Palin, Pucks, and Philly

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It’s the tanking economy!  It’s the skyrocketing costs of health care!  It’s . . . . Sarah Palin dropping pucks at a Philadelphia Flyers game?

Yes, folks, that’s right.  Sarah Palin, the hockey-mom-turned-potential-possessor-of-nuclear-codes, will drop the puck at the opening faceoff at the Philadelphia Flyers home opener against the New York Rangers on Saturday.

Fan responses to this afternoon’s announcement tend to err on the side of anti-PalinAnd pro-boo bird.  Although one Blue Jackets fan points out that the Flyers evil qualities may actually sully the Alaska governor.  To that I have but one reply – we may have sold our souls to the Devil, but at least we won a cup.

Frankly, this move has nothing whatsoever to do with politics, so Republicans and Democrats alike can sit down and stop being so huffy about the whole thing.  In fact this is possibly the most brilliant move I have seen to launch a season – definitely head-and-shoulders above the NHL’s opening day at the NHL store in New York City.

Sarah Palin’s jokes and Detroit Red Wings following brought America’s national attention to the sport of ice hockey in the middle of August.  Even a gathering with Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Wayne Gretzky, and Mr. Hockey himself would not have attracted such a media frenzy south of the border in January, let alone during the hottest days of summer.

And let’s consider the amount of national attention the Flyers stand ready to receive for this gesture.  A national figure in the midst of a major presidential campaign is coming into their building for a center stage moment.  It’s going to get air-time locally, sure.  But it will also gain play on Sunday morning political shows, and probably the Monday morning shows like Today and Good Morning America.

But what if the Flyers fans boo Ms. Palin out of the Wachovia Center?  So what!  That’s a great story – the Broad Street Bullies and their loyal legions take arms against the Vice Presidential hopeful as she drops the puck at center ice.  Can anyone say “SNL skit starring the lovely and talented Philadelphia native Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, just waiting to happen”?

It won’t be easy for the Flyers to draw attention within the Philadelphia marketplace this weekend.  The Phillies start the NLCS on Thursday night, and the entire city is abuzz with their baseball team.  The controversy alone of featuring Sarah Palin certainly cuts through some of that red tape.

The move is pure brilliance on the part of Shawn Tilger and his entire Public Relations staff at Comcast-Spectacor.  It’s going to generate huge quantities of publicity at no additional charge to the organization.  And in these economic times, every business can use an expense-free boost.

Maybe Gary Bettman should take a few pointers on how to start a season properly . . .

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  1. kevinrmcguire permalink
    Thursday, October 9, 2008 6:48 am

    Terrific post and great perspective. While I am in the anti-Palin camp I put my political views aside when I applaud the Flyers for this move. You are correct in saying that this is a great move by the Flyers and Comcast Spectacor. With all the Phillies buzz going on (rightfully so) the Flyers and the NHL will take a back seat in the sports view of Philadelphia. Not quite so much now.

    Let’s go Flyers!

  2. Kay permalink
    Saturday, October 11, 2008 8:50 am

    In the hour of need..

    Who do you turn to?

    Sarah Palin!

    God bless HOCKEY and
    Thank You McCain for
    introducing us to the new VP.

    Vote -to keep America Safe and Beautiful!

  3. Kilc permalink
    Saturday, October 11, 2008 2:26 pm

    BOO HER – come on Flyers Fans, your still a philly team, so this dopey kook from the woods needs to be BOOOOOOOOOOO’d!
    Boo Her like shes Santa Claus, Boo the Dope like she is Michael Irvin laying on the turf, Boo her for being so out of touch and send her goofy A$$ back to the wilderness.
    PLEASE – for the love of country BOO and BOO and BOO, Boo her for hijacking Will Smiths word Jiggy and use for Mavericky? WTF BOO her!!!
    from flyers fan in COLORADO

  4. Kilc permalink
    Saturday, October 11, 2008 2:37 pm

    Council Rock graduate of 1989 now living in Colorado, listen PA the news keeps talking about the progressive suburbs of Philly, like Bucks county, now show the country you can BOO this ridiculous choice of the GOP’s VP! BOO this goofy brod, BOO her and throw a snow ball at her, or a pretzel, smack her in the head with a cheese steak and tell her to pack it in and go home. PLEASE send a message that the republicans cant use the FLYERS as a campaign stop or KKK rally whatever they are calling there rallys now a days. Boo her so loud William Penn up on top of that building laughs, as what a bad idea it is for this dumb chick with her, gotcha’s and youbetcha’s, and whatever else Fargo like eskimo talk she speaks. Hurt her feelings, bring her down a notch and remind her we dont want a PTA mom for a VP? Why havent we seen any family photos of her as a hockey mom? Shes lying!!!
    GO PHILLIES – BEAT LA – Since the Rockies punch y’all in the mouth in last years playoffs you owe it to LA to punch them now.
    Did I plead enough that you will boo Palin? Boo her like shes Santa, Boo her like she is T.O.
    Please Philly fans, I went to HS out at Council Rock, now living in Colorado – still a flyers fan, im begging you to represent!!!!
    Peace Out —- VOTE OBAMA


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