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Bouwmeester signs in Florida

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jay Bouwmeester and the Florida Panthers agreed to a one-year deal today.  This entire situation strikes me as a player who does not want to be in Miami, and I would not be surprised in the least if Martin opted to move him between now and the trade deadline.

The rumors about Bouwmeester and Philadelphia aren’t surprising.  It’s no secret that Holmgren is on the prowl for a defenseman.  Bouwmeester is an amazing young blueliner just about to hit his prime.  To all the naysayers out there – imagine a defense corps built around Bouwmeester and Coburn.  They’re young, about to enter their peak years, have size, and can skate.  If you’re not salivating at the very thought, you’re either dead or a Penguins fan.

Could the Flyers still acquire Bouwmeester?  Certainly.  Bill Meltzer suggests it would require a “top-level prospect, a proven young roster forward, and a first round pick.”  The Flyers have all three available to give.  While I tend to favor the build-from-within approach when it comes to trades, Bouwmeester is worth the gamble because of his age and the high commodity of defensemen.  At present, the Flyers still have depth at forward without much coming on the blueline or in goal.  Acquiring a top-pairing type guy would be worth the cost.

I’m excited to see how Holmgren moves forward with his team.

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