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UPDATED: Flyers rumors

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update:  The rumors surrounding the Orange and Black are between the lines in the newspapers, and Spector has posted some comments regarding the situation.

On the Flyers and the cap – it appears that Philadelphia is about one million over the cap.  Those numbers include 7 defenseman.  So if you put Derian Hatcher on the LTIR for the first half of the season due to his degenerative knee condition, his $3.5 million hit becomes $1.75 million.  Problem solved.

I am not saying that the Flyers won’t make a trade.  But freeing themselves from the potential of exceeding the cap alleviates the pressure to trade now.  And that saves the Flyers from negotiation from a position of weakness.

As for Brendan Shanahan: Explain to me why the Flyers would need Shanny.  They have a veteran, fourth-line guy in Glen Metropolit.  Should Holmgren require a second vet, Jim Dowd would be an affordable and adequate option, especially given his faceoff-winning talents.  The only benefit to Shanahan is his power-play prowess – and the Flyers power play was not the struggle last season.  It simply doesn’t make sense at this point in time.


Eklund just posted a blog citing a source that says the Flyers are talking with a Central Division team about swapping a roster forward for a puck moving defenseman.

The obvious puck movers in the Central Division come from Chicago – Brent Seabrook and Dustin Bfyuglien.  But I doubt even offering up Scottie Upshall (the likely tradebait here) would satisfy the Hawks management in such a trade.

My guess:  Ville Koistinen from Nashville in exchange for Scottie Upshall, possibly some picks/prospects involved on both sides.  The Koistinen-to-Philly rumors have swirled all summer.  Koistinen may not be ready for the top pairing, but he’s young with tons of potential.  He’d fit in nicely with a young, up-and-coming team poised for a successful year.  Combined with the strong trading history between Nashville GM David Poile and Paul Holmgren (see Forsberg for Upshall and Parent, draft picks for Timonen and Hartnell), this is a plausible swap.

Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Chuck permalink
    Saturday, July 26, 2008 4:06 pm

    can we please look elsewhere from Nashville?

    can we please look at defensemen that maybe aren’t Finnish?

    seems like our rumor starters all have a one track mind….

  2. Chuck permalink
    Sunday, July 27, 2008 4:40 pm

    we don’t need shanny, i think it’s forward thinking about a possible replacement for Knuble who earns $2.8MM…

    we may need to trade Knuble in order to get under the cap if Rathje decides he wants to try and come back…unfortunate murmurings of this are abound. Rathje’s contract ends this year, and there’s no possible way (if he were to come back next year) for him to get a contract in the event he hasn’t played at all in 3 years.

    Knuble= -$2.8MM
    Rathje= +$3.5MM
    Hatcher= $-1.75MM for injury reduction

    Leaves us $1.0MM under the cap…

    But I agree, that probably isn’t enough to entice Shanny, and he won’t play enough even strength minutes at + hockey levels to justify it….

    I don’t want Rathje…don’t want DH back until real late in the year…20 games + playoffs IF we need him…

    I need to know if our check line will be anywhere near as effective as last year, and feel that we are a little undersized in our top 9, save for Hartnell…I would like to trade an aging Knuble for someone better than Asham (I think Glen Metropolit will do OK centering that check line)…and Cote is good for 50 games a year…and I think Downie needs more run…I think we should package Downie with Knuble personally and get some value back for the check line or a #4 D-man…

  3. Sunday, July 27, 2008 6:54 pm

    Man, these rumors are just hot air. First, the Flyers couldn’t afford another 6+mil a year defenseman. It would lock up too much money in too few players.

    Second, who wants to see Knuble go? Sure he’s not first/second line material any more, but he gets his nose dirty and will put in some timely goals – plus he never quits. I’d rather have him than Shanny any day.

    As for Rathje coming of LTIR, not gonna happen. Homer will have Hatch sitting on their long enough to resolve the cap situation.

    No worries… just hype during a slow news time.

  4. M_W_carpenter393 permalink
    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 10:11 pm

    Anyone who thinks A guy like Derian Hatcher on your team isnt a plus isnt watching the same sport i am. Not only does he have more experience then anyone on the team but hes been a shut down defensemen since i was in elementary school. Whenever he feels like he cant compete anymore the team will be hurt!

    • Wednesday, January 7, 2009 10:39 am

      I would welcome a healthy Derian Hatcher on the Flyers any day of the week. He would resolve a lot of the team’s current issues on the penalty kill – an oft-overlooked strength of Hatcher’s – and he would add a nice veteran presence to the blueline. I credit Hatcher with a good portion of Coburn’s development last year.

      But right now, he can’t skate – not even enough to skate on his own, let alone in the hard-hitting NHL. And a defenseman who can’t move on the ice is going to be more harmful than helpful to his team.

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