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Boyle to Philadelphia?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

According to the circulating rumors, Tampa Bay is interested in trading Dan Boyle to avoid their cap crunch.  And it sounds as thought it may be down to Philadelphia or Ottawa, among other teams.  Though this is all assuming Boyle will waive his No Trade Clause.

Let’s say that Boyle waives the NTC for a trade to Philadelphia.  There are two major requirements on the Philly end: the right pieces to send down to Tampa and enough cap space for Boyle’s $6.667 million cap hit.

The Flyers are tight against the cap right now (see Cap Central for detailed listing), but bear in mind that there are seven defensemen listed.  That won’t stay that way for the beginning of the season, either due to a trade or placing Derian Hatcher on the LTIR. 

There’s no question that Lightning GM Jay Feaster will want Braydon Coburn in the exchange.  IMO, the only way you allow Coburn to wear another uniform is if a bonafide goaltender – clearly better than Martin Biron – is coming back.  It’s true that Coburn will be due for a big pay day in two years, which may prove difficult given the years and numbers Philly’s already committed to.  But that’s two years down the road – it’s not a pressing issue to be solved in July 2008.

So who does move?  Tampa Bay offers Dan Boyle and a top pick for Randy Jones, Scottie Upshall, and a prospect.  Tampa gets an NHL defenseman who can move the puck, a speedy winger who plays a sandpaper game, and builds their thin development pool.  The Flyers get a top 4 D-man and a little something to bolster their drafting for the future.

To me, that’s a win-win.  But then, I’m a Flyers fan.  Any thoughts from the Lightning camp?

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