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Christmas in July

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There may not be carols or mistletoe, but NHL teams will be spending like it’s Christmas this July.  So what do you want in your stocking?

Just a few thoughts on the Flyers for this Free Agent holiday:

1.  I hold to my prediction from last night.  Holmgren is brewing a storm in Flyerland, and I see Jeff Finger in the orange and black come fall.

2.  How would you feel about the Flyers going after Jay Pandolfo?  (Note: this is a hypothetical idea, not a rumor I’ve seen.)  He’s a true defensive forward – something the Flyers lack at the present – and stealing him from the Devils would seriously diminish their shutdown system’s effectiveness.  Might be a double bonus for the Flyers.

3.  Don’t be disappointed if Holmgren’s splash doesn’t meet last year’s excitement.  He made huge deals in 2007 – any of which would have been a headline moment.  The Flyers don’t need the same overhaul, and thus don’t need gigantic signings.  It’s a good thing, folks.

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