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Flyers-Canadiens Game 5: Preliminary Postgame

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Due to work-related issues, I had to tape the game.  But I did catch some highlights, so I can add some quick thoughts on Game 5.

– If there’s a level beyond on fire, RJ Umberger is living there right now.  His first goal of the game was amazing – the reach to grab the puck while on his back and tuck it behind Price.  All from a guy who only scored 13 times in the regular season.  Incredible.  And remember – Umberger has been extremely effective against PIttsburgh this season.

– Not a pretty one for Mike Richards, but the Flyers will take it.  Anyone else notice the Habs fans booing Richards?

– No one knew Mike Knuble could skate so fast.  Probably not even Knuble himself.  Until tonight, that is. 

– Speaking of fans, what a class act by Montreal.  They cheered their own team during the last seconds of the game, despite the knowledge that they would lose.  Don’t forget – the Canadiens weren’t even slated by many pundits to make the playoffs, let alone place first in the conference.

– Off to Pittsburgh to strike up another rivalry.  Like this one needs any stoking.

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