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Game 7 Preview: Flyers @ Capitals

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There is every reason to think the playoffs will end tonight for the Flyers.  Hardly anyone outside Philadelphia thought the Flyers would win this series.  Now the Capitals have momentum, home ice advantage, and big dreams.  The Flyers haven’t put together a strong overall effort since Game 3 of the series, and last night allowed the game to slip through their fingers by quitting halfway through.  And Martin Biron struggled on the second half of back-to-back games throughout the regular season.

But that also means there is nothing to lose.  Winning tonight redefines this team as a group of men who can pull victories from the jaws of defeat.  Winning tonight redeems a season frought with injuries and inconsistency.  Winning tonight means a second chance at the Cup.

It comes down to one game and one team.  When the Flyers have arrived, fully prepared to play from the first faceoff to the last buzzer, they have risen victorious regardless of locale or hype.  Now they must decide how they want to end their season.  It can end with a miracle ending in Washington for last year’s last place team.  Or it can end with a mediocre effort and a disappointing handshake.  How they decide will define the season.


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