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Game 6: Pregame Capitals @ Flyers

Monday, April 21, 2008

Please note:  I will not be able to run my usual intermission blog due to a prior engagement also known as the job that provides my paycheck.  For those outside the DC or Philadelphia viewing areas who don’t have TSN, you may be able to watch online through  Versus will carry Game 7 of Boston vs. Montreal – which should also be a great game.

With Mike Knuble out with a hamstring injury, Riley Cote will dress for the Flyers tonight.  Might turn out to be a good addition given the Flyers’ lack of physical presence in the last two games.

Tonight’s game is the must-win of the season for Philadelphia.  A Game 7 would only favor the Capitals – a home game in the Verizon Center with momentum on their side.  It’s time to go for the kill.

It’s time for the forwards to step up their games.  Games 1-3 displayed four offensive units that established a strong forecheck and backcheck early, wanted the puck, and wanted to be the guy; no one took his foot off the accelerator.  Games 4 and 5 featured disappearing acts who weren’t sure whether or not they wanted to play the puck or get involved in scrums, resulting in the turnovers that led to Capitals’ goals.

The defense needs to make crisper changes – something that should be easier with the home ice advantage.  The two even-strength goals from Game 5 were scored on poor changes that allowed the Capitals odd-man rushes.

Marty Biron has to be stellar, not allowing rebounds and handling the puck wisely.  Nothing can go in tonight.  Nothing.

The party line has been that it takes a village to stop Ovechkin.  Well, it takes a village to win a hockey game, too.


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