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Saturday, April 19, 2008

– As before every Detroit Red Wings game, someone tossed an octopus on the ice during warm-ups.  Predators forward Jordin Tootoo decided to pick up the fish with his bare hand to clear it from the ice.  I’ll bet that left a fantastic aroma.  Wouldn’t you love to be the guy next to him on the bench?

– Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery did not shake hands after the Rangers closed out their series with the Devils.  Said Avery:  “Everyone talks about how unclassy I am, and Fatso there just forgot to shake my hand, I guess.”

– A friend informed me that Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller has been writing a playoff blog for Maxim, complete with Q&A segments.  Not your typical destination for hockey news. 

– I cannot tell you how gratifying it was to watch Martin Brodeur during the Devils’ first round.  From he puck handling gaffe that gift wrapped a goal for Ryan Callahan to the Sean Avery Show, the meltdown was a beautiful thing.  Unless you lived through the horror that was Flyers-Devils hockey in the late 90s, you cannot understand the emotions of this day.  Brodeur is dead; long live the King!

– Now someone has to beat the crap out of the Rangers.

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