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Let’s Get Physical

Friday, April 18, 2008

I don’t want to give ideas to the Capitals’ organization – that might hinder my own Flyers agenda.  But I’m putting this thought out anyway.

The consensus among hockey know-it-alls and the fans seems to be that the Caps should play more physical, aka more Flyer-like, game if they want to win.  Rearrange that statement, and you’ll realize that it’s dangerously close to the Flyers imposing their style on the Caps.  I’m not sure that’s the best lesson for a young, impressionable team to carry out of this playoffs – regardless of whether they advance.

Huet and Biron are drastically different goaltenders in terms of their personalities and individual styles.  The same techniques that work for one don’t necessarily guarantee success against the other.  And I’m not sure running Biron will increase scoring.  Unless you’re counting the number of black eyes on either bench.

As I’ve said before, the way you performed in the regular season got you to the playoffs for a reason.  Changing that once you’re past the 82 game mark can be a double-edge sword.

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