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Ted’s Take is a bit inflammatory

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love that Ted Leonsis publicly blogs about the team he owns – the Washington Capitals.  While many sports teams have yet to embrace the blogosphere as a viable media outlet, Leonsis has been on the forefront.  The Capitals site even includes a list of “hockey-friendly” blogs, many of which are Capitals-centric like On Frozen Blog.

But blogs are a doubled-edged sword.  First off, Mike Milbury has the right to say whatever he would like during intermission commentary regarding the game.  (For those who missed it, he accidentally referred to the Capitals as the Washington “Crapitals”.  He also suggested – not incorrectly – that Ovechkin’s play was subpar: “It it walks like a dog and plays like a dog . . . “)  To request a public apology for what was so clearly a slip of the tongue is somewhat immature on the part of the Capitals’ ownership. 

Second, there is indeed a splash page on the Flyers’ website for selling playoff tickets.  The splash page has been there for several weeks, even prior to the Flyers clinching a spot.  As a marketing professional who works in the entertainment industry, I can say that it’s a standard ploy enacted to increase ticket sales.  The team is currently using it drive Game 3 sales – assuming optimistically that there will be a Game 3 in Philadelphia should the Flyers not sweep the next 3 games. 

Mr. Leonsis may encourage his fans to invade the Wachovia as much as he likes, but please don’t suggest that DC’s hockey fans are more impassioned than Philadelphia’s.  Were that true, the Verizon would have sold out its regular season games given the exciting surge of his team.  The Flyers sold all of their seats in 41 games this season, as well as 97% of capacity in last year’s miserable season.  According to ESPN, the NHL players called Philly fans “the most intimidating in hockey.”  And who received a nomination for America’s next Hockeytown?

The best way to silence Leonsis will be some on-ice vengeance from the boys in Orange and Black tonight.  Let’s go Flyers!

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  1. jenerency permalink
    Thursday, May 15, 2008 7:35 am

    Hello my friends 🙂


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