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Where Clint Eastwood Meets Hockey

Saturday, April 12, 2008

After the Flyers’ playoff-clinching shutout of the New Jersey Devils, Paul Holmgren complimented his team’s performance.  When reporters probed for a more ecstatic response, Holmgren assessed the Flyers’ season as a combination of three teams – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  He added that on some nights, all three teams emerged over the course of one game.

The Good Flyers press forward, attacking the team physically and driving the puck towards the net.  The Bad Flyers enter a game slowly, sit on their heels when they have a lead, and back up into their own zone rather standing up at the blue line.  The Ugly Flyers take sloppy penalties, fail to establish a forecheck, and blow defensive coverages.

All three teams showed up in Washington.  Bad in the first, Good in the second, and Ugly in the third.  The Capitals have an offensive-minded, physical system (much like the Good Flyers).  If the Bad and/or the Ugly show up to play, the Capitals will steamroll over the Flyers into the second round.

Hopefully the Good Flyers arrive at the Verizon Center tomorrow.  Otherwise, see you next September.

Quick note: Patrick Thoresen was released from the hospital and is expected to play in tomorrow’s game.  He left Game 1 after a blocked shot caught him in the groin.

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  1. sportsaddictforlife permalink
    Saturday, April 12, 2008 7:36 pm

    That had to hurt. Now the question:
    At what point should a ref blow the play dead for an injury?

    Should he wait until after a scoring opportunity has passed (Or has been converted) like last night, or should he blow the whistle as soon as it becomes obvious the player is in actual pain?

    It’s a hard decision because you can’t be positive a player isn’t just trying to get a whistle on the penalty kill.
    Obviously that wasn’t the case with Thoresen, but referees should be wary of fakers.

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