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Monday, March 31, 2008

– Against my better judgment, I found myself actually rooting for a Penguins victory tonight.  That’s the last time I do them any favors.

Sam Donnellon of the Philadelphia Daily News has an interesting take on the weekend’s hockey:  “We found our legs in the second period and we were fine from there,” Danny Briere said in one newspaper report after the Flyers rallied from a two-goal hole against the last-place Islanders the other night, and I screamed – I mean screamed – “What planet are you skating on?”

Since Donnellon isn’t a hockey guy, I won’t rake him over the coals entirely.  A few comments: 1) Winning hockey games is never joyless.  2) Unexpected comebacks from third period deficits are nothing to sniff at.  This team had only found the gumption to do it twice before last week.  3) The point of hockey is to outscore the other team.  I’m not sure what you’d rather have them doing.

Mike Richards on the play that led to his game-tying goal on the Island: “I lost [the faceoff] cleanly.  They weren’t expecting it, and Thor made a great pass to me.”  Hmm . . . losing a draw is now a strategic ploy to fool the Islanders into a false sense of security. 

Kimmo Timonen on the playoff race: “Obviously, like normal people, we watch the standings like everybody else does.  Every time we win we’re maybe hoping somebody loses, but they won’t.”  Send a guy to the All-Star Game and suddenly he’s the next Clark Kent.  Don’t be insulted, fellow normal people – Timonen has a very dry sense of humor.

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