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Top 25 under 25: Sidney Crosby

Sunday, March 23, 2008

For those of you just coming in on this, I recently launched a Top 25 under 25 series by posting my entire list in alphabetical order.  The concept was that I’d go through the list, explaining my reasoning for the player’s inclusion, what his current status was, and where he might go in the future.

I don’t think I need justification for Sidney Crosby.  He’s been discussed, analyzed, deconstructed, glorified, marketed, and villified ad nauseum.  We knew he’d be a superstar even before the lottery draft following the lockout.  And whatever your opinion, he has certainly delivered on that count.

Rather than offer yet another droll assessment of Crosby – because what is there left to say? – or try to overcome my Flyers-focused bias on Sid the Kid – in the immortal words of Martin Biron, “I don’t lie and I don’t whine” – I thought I’d provide a selection of interesting tidbits I’ve culled from the recesses of the World Wide Web.

 A video of Crosby at 14:

Go West, Young Man!  Due to the current scheduling rotation, Sidney Crosby didn’t play a game in Vancouver until his third year in the league.  But once he did arrive, newspapers everywhere exploded with coverage.  Here are takes from the Minnesota Star-Tribune, a larger perspective on the trip from Tim Wharnsby, journalist Allen Maki in Edmonton previews Penguins vs. Oilers, and the conclusion in Vancouver.

Is Crosby the NHL’s savior?  The Onion weighs in.

How fine is the line between love and hate?  Bill Fleischman of gives his take on the relationship between Crosby and the Flyer faithful.  And here’s another side of the story from blogger Occasionally Wright.

Multimedia presentations devoted to Crosby abounds, but even has a slideshow spanning Sid the Kid’s career from juniors to the Winter Classic.

LeBron James on Crosby.  In Canada, it all revolves around hockey.  So when LeBron James enters Toronto to play the Raptors, check out his comment on Crosby.  One question – does the headline “King of Canada” refer to Crosby or James?

What is Sid the Kid’s taste in women?  I don’t know, but Greg Wyshynski from The Fourth Period has a hunch – Eva Mendes..

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