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Game Predictions 3/19/2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo – The Lightning have two wins lately against defense-oriented teams – Boston and the Rangers.  Buffalo may have a decimated defense corps, but they’re so quick throuhgout the offense that I just don’t see Tampa surviving.  Mike Smith needs a better group covering the ice in front of him.  Desperately.  – SABRES

NY Rangers vs. New Jersey – I hate the Devils.  I hate the whole franchise.  I hate Brodeur for being ridiculously good, for always setting his records against the Flyers, and for looking as though he won’t retire until after he too hits 40.  I hate Lou Lamiorello for continually bringing no-name players on board and transforming them into a defensive powerhouse.  I hate them for surviving coaching changes and captain changes.  I hate them for sitting atop the conference and the divison while the Flyers have fallen from grace.  Most of all, I hate them for owning Philadelphia.  My one point of solace?  The Rangers own the Devils.  – RANGERS

Carolina vs. Atlanta – I can’t help but feel that, had Atlanta been a good team, they would have managed to secure a tie in the closing seconds and then defeat the Flyers in overtime.  Even the faltering Bruins and the hapless Leafs managed that.  – HURRICANES

Columbus vs. Detroit – RED WINGS

Washington vs. Chicago – This is my game of the night.  I firmly believe that games between these two teams will see top billing nationally within 3 years.  You have potentially the best Europe winger-center combo in Ovechkin-Backstrom and the best North American equivalent in Toews-Kane.  Their youth and overall team resurgence only adds to the drama.  – CAPITALS

Anaheim vs. Dallas – If the playoffs began today, this would be a first round matchup between the 4th seed and the 5th.  I like the Stars’ speed over the Ducks’ defense.  – STARS

Minnesota vs. San Jose – I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or the wins, but I think Brian Campbell likes his new home.  – SHARKS

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